Bettina Monique Photo: Blog en-us 2008 - 2018 Bettina M. Chavez (Bettina Monique Photo) Wed, 05 Aug 2015 04:23:00 GMT Wed, 05 Aug 2015 04:23:00 GMT Bettina Monique Photo: Blog 96 120 Magazine Cover! As a contributing photographer to Stock Pot Images, my pic of Tommy Chong at the 99 High Tide Collective in Malibu Grand Opening on 4/20/2015, was licensed to be used in the cover illustration of the August issue. 

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Pets and Stars! Pets available for adoption at Shelter on the Hill in Lebec!


Zuma-6-2Zuma Zorro-9Zorro SammySosa-3SammySosa Dante-13Dante Dante-9Dante Cookie-4Cookie Aug3Sunset-38Aug3Sunset-38 Aug3Sunset-6Aug3Sunset-6 Aug3Sunset-34Aug3Sunset-34 Aug3Sunset-19Aug3Sunset-19

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A Proposal! He proposed marriage, she said yes, then they rode off into the mid day sun to live happily ever after!  Congratulations Buddy & Katie!

KatieandBuddyProposal-18KatieandBuddyProposal-18 KatieandBuddyProposal-26KatieandBuddyProposal-26






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New Store Items! A couple of outtakes of shelter pets between poses.  Added some cool new stuff to my Zazzle store, including Official Cat Lady gear!  A donation will be made to local pet shelters and rescues for every purchase of items featuring shelter pets.

Brewster-284Brewster-284 Bear-298Bear-298



Official Cat Lady Tote Bag
Official Cat Lady Tote Bag by bettmophoto
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Official Cat Lady Hat
Official Cat Lady Hat by bettmophoto
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Carrizo Plain & Kittens! Drove through the Carrizo Plain, did not know 43 miles of of the way is dirt road.

CarrizoPlain2015-9CarrizoPlain2015-9 CarrizoPlain2015-20CarrizoPlain2015-20 CarrizoPlain2015-37CarrizoPlain2015-37 CarrizoPlain2015-121CarrizoPlain2015-121 CarrizoPlain2015-96CarrizoPlain2015-96 CarrizoPlain2015-220CarrizoPlain2015-220


KITTENS! Adoptable kittens at Shelter on the Hill in Lebec, CA.

kittensJune2015-116kittensJune2015-116 Rosie-5Rosie-5 Yohan-4Yohan-4 Franklin-4Franklin-4 Franklin-2Franklin-2


This little guy reminds me of Moo.

Zuma-7-EditZuma-7-Edit Sassafrass-12Sassafrass-12 Sassafrass-14Sassafrass-14


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Macro Flowers! I love my new macro lens!!

BackyardFlowers-19BackyardFlowers-19 untitled-65untitled-65 untitled-55untitled-55 untitled-42untitled-42 BackyardFlowers-98BackyardFlowers-98 BackyardFlowers-87BackyardFlowers-87 BackyardFlowers-63BackyardFlowers-63

I've created some new products in my Zazzle store!

Slide Coaster Square Paper Coaster
Slide Coaster Square Paper Coaster by bettmophoto
Look at more Sunset Paper Coasters at zazzle


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New Bee Pics and Those Cool Mugs That Change When You Pour Hot Liquid in them! First, new bee pictures!

budsandbees-117-Editbudsandbees-117-Edit budsandbees-139budsandbees-139


Second, new store updates! I started a Zazzle store! Neat stuff will be added.

Black and White Bunny Print Mug
Black and White Bunny Print Mug by bettmophoto
Find additional mug online at Zazzle.


White Flower T-Shirt
White Flower T-Shirt by bettmophoto
Create a custom tshirt at

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New Macro Adventures! I now have a macro lens as part of my permanent collection of lenses!


untitled-299untitled-299 untitled-279untitled-279

untitled-143untitled-143 untitled-140untitled-140

macro-191macro-191 macro-1macro-1

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Amy and Joseph Amy and Joseph got married on the first day of spring! 3.21.15

Amy and Joseph-20Amy and Joseph-20 Amy and Joseph-24Amy and Joseph-24 Amy and Joseph-47Amy and Joseph-47 Amy and Joseph-75Amy and Joseph-75 Amy and Joseph-91Amy and Joseph-91 Amy and Joseph-133Amy and Joseph-133 Amy and Joseph-144Amy and Joseph-144

Amy and Joseph-162Amy and Joseph-162 Amy and Joseph-172Amy and Joseph-172 Amy and Joseph-174Amy and Joseph-174 Amy and Joseph-258Amy and Joseph-258

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Selena and Joey! Selena and Joey got married on Pi Day!  3.14.15


Selena&Joey-237Selena&Joey-237 Selena&Joey-424Selena&Joey-424


Selena&Joey-610Selena&Joey-610 Selena&Joey-655Selena&Joey-655

Selena&Joey-852-2Selena&Joey-852-2 Selena&Joey-924Selena&Joey-924 Selena&Joey-1126Selena&Joey-1126

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National Puppy Day! It's National Puppy Day!  Here are some pics of Bo and Dex playing at the park.  They were recently adopted and are best of furiends!



Healing Stick-301Healing Stick-301


Healing Stick-341Healing Stick-341






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Babies!!! My longtime dear friend recently had twins!  The Jackson pack has two new additions, welcome Sophie and Lexi! Alexa-Sophia-14Alexa-Sophia-14 Alexa-Sophia-20Alexa-Sophia-20 Alexa-Sophia-140Alexa-Sophia-140 Alexa-Sophia-79Alexa-Sophia-79 Alexa-Sophia-46Alexa-Sophia-46 Alexa-Sophia-58Alexa-Sophia-58 Alexa-Sophia-202Alexa-Sophia-202 Alexa-Sophia-215Alexa-Sophia-215 Alexa-Sophia-222Alexa-Sophia-222

Leo is just like his mama, Lady Beatrice.  He loves the babies and promises to take good care of them.


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New Bee Pictures! New bee pictures to check out!  These were taken a few weeks ago at the TheraBee headquarters in the California Central Coast with the Canon 5D Mark III.  Coming soon, video!!  See more bee pictures in the bee gallery!




I've also started a Kickstarter campagin to update my gear.  The Canon 5D Mark III takes bee-autiful photos, and I look forward to taking more!

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Power Outage + Supermoon = Awesome! The electricity was out on Sunday for seven hours.  Luckily those seven hours happened to coincide with the Supermoon and my rental of the Canon 5D Mark 3, so I decided to see what this bad boy of a camera can do!

The Alley, no light.

supermoon-12Blacked out alley.The alley during the black out lit by the supermoon

A headlamp lights the wall


A passerby lights her path.



Watching the alley change depending on what light passed by was fun.

supermoon-6-Editsupermoon-6-Edit supermoon-8-Editsupermoon-8-Edit


Moo lit by the Supermoon.  "SuperMOOn"



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The Embroidered Frame Shoppe The new store, The Embroidered Frame Shoppe, is now open!  You can order a customized embroidered frame, choose from the all ready made frames, and book photo sessions!  There are other gifts like embroidered tote bags and more coming soon!  If you love crafty things and photography, you'll love these!



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Introducing Boo and Pooh! Wooooh-weeeee!  Or as my Grandpa would say, "Yjole!"  It's been awhile since the last blog post, and a bunch of exciting stuff has happened or is happening.  First, some new faces to introduce. 

This is Boo. 

She came to us when a friend found her under a car tire in the parking lot of an apartment complex.  She was infested with fleas, and very hungry.  With some tender loving care from Lady Beatrice (and a bath), she is a happy healthy kitten who loves to play with her new fur-iend, Pooh!

This is Pooh.  

He comes from a litter of kittens born to a rescued mama cat.  He loves to play with Boo and is teaching Moo how to be a cat.  He loves to cuddle and climb, so he got his own climbing wall.  Pooh is a little purring machine, and is happy to sit in a lap and supervise the work day.

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Another Macro Adventure! I rented the macro lens again and went searching for rainbows!  I found some.  Also, a section has been added to the site to purchase prints.




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Lady Beatrice Eats Peanut Butter! Nothing is cuter than giving the petz peanut butter!  And here's an Instagram video!

Penut Butter-109

Penut Butter-137

Penut Butter-150


Penut Butter-194

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Abstract Moo! Tried get some shots of Moo flying through the air.


moo at night-183

moo at night-208


moo at night-209

moo at night-218

moo at night-225

moo at night-228

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Selfie! I've wanted to take this picture for a long time, and have always wondered why the Wacom people never thought about this as an ad idea.  I love art history!


creattive editing


The inspiration for this pic came from this image of Sappho, the poet.



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